Shannon Scott was born and reared in a Christian home. He spent the majority of his early years growing up in middle Tennessee. His Dad was a pastor for several years, and his Mom is a very musical woman. They are Godly parents. He said a prayer to receive Christ when he was young, but did not have peace about his salvation. As a teenager he began to wander from his Christian roots. In 1989 he went to California in the hope that he would become a rock star. However, God had a much better plan for his life. Just like the prodigal, he left the discomfort and stench of the pigpen, and returned home to Tennessee. After a word from his father regarding the absences of the witness of the Holy Spirit in his life, he became very convicted about his sinful state. During that time he realized he had never seen himself a sinner who needed to confess Christ as Saviour. So, on August 19, 1992, he was wondrously, gloriously, and eternally saved! After a short time, he then returned to California where he recognized the call to preach November 26, 1995.

In 1996 he met his wife Cecilia while working as Account Executive for a distribution company. On December 7, 1996, Cecilia was saved on their second date, at a revival in Norwalk, California where evangelist Joe Boyd was preaching. She was baptized the next evening of the revival. They were married June 28, 1997.

Brother Scott finally surrendered to the call to preach August 1998 and began seeking God's placement for service. In 2000 God answered, and made he clear he was to start a prison ministry in California. For the next three years he saw several men and women receive Christ as their Saviour. Then, in June 2003 he became pastor of a church in Southern California. Brother Scott had a very fruitful ministry as a Pastor until June 2009. At that point, he reentered the field of evangelism, and founded WordSmyth Ministries.

Brother Scott and his wife have four children, Sabrina, Andrew, Celeste, and Christina. He spends his time preaching revivals, missions conferences, and writing books. When Bro Scott is not traveling he and his family work in their local church doing soul winning outreach and training others to serve God through discipleship.

The thrust of WordSmyth Ministries is reviving missions. As the church is revived, the greatest commission will thrive. The purpose of the church is the two fold greatest commission to preach gospel and teach converts to love God with all their heart, soul, and mind. The Lord Jesus Christ came to seek and save the lost, and He left that duty to His church when He returned to heaven. When He returns to rapture us may He find us faithful.