Pastor John Wilkerson

It is with great joy that I commend Evangelist Shannon Scott for your consideration. It has been my joy to know him and his family since our early days of pastoring in Southern California. They are absolute sterling examples of Christianity. Brother Scott is a deeply spiritual and yielded servant of God. He has wisdom from above and will be used to assist God's people through preaching. You will find his spirit refreshing and his ministry edifying in every way. He has spoken for churches that I have pastored and it has yielded great benefit. If you have any questions or if I can be of further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me at (219) 932-0711. May the Lord continue to expand your influence for His eternal glory and cause.


Pastor John Wilkerson
First Baptist Church
Hammond, Indiana


Pastor Max Graves

I have known Brother Shannon Scott for 25 years, and for all of those years he has been one of my dearest friends. We have grown up spiritually together. I watched as God welcomed him home as the prodigal in the early years, and then prepared him for a life of service, blessing him with a wife and family second to none. He has spent many years on the front line of this spiritual battlefield, from preaching to hardened criminals in the prison system, the Lord wills. Let me be very clear, he does not preach for our church because he is one of my oldest and dearest friends. He preaches for our church because God's hand is evident in his ministry, and he has been a tremendous help to our people. I wholeheartedly give my highest recommendation to Evangelist Shannon Scott.

Pastor Max Graves
Liberty Baptist Church
Norwalk, California

Pastor Chris McGee

I am honored to recommend Evangelist Shannon Scott to your church. Brother Scott is a God-gifted preacher and writer. It will take Heaven to reveal the impact of his life and ministry in my own life and the life of our church.  He understands the burden of the pastor and has a heart for Revival.  Brother Scott has a legacy for helping churches.  He is truly a "thinker"; his mind is always working. He will challenge you in Biblical thinking. God has given him a unique ability to show you the "big picture" through the Scripture. He will lead you on a journey in search of Truth as he preaches. Many times, I have been amazed at his wisdom in discipleship, counseling, and soul-winning.  He is unpretentious, true to the core, and evidences being Spirit-filled. He has an understanding of missions that is few and far between. Our church has been forever strengthened and changed by the Missions Conferences he has preached for us. One of the things that I admire about Evangelist Shannon Scott is that he strives to put shoe leather to what he preaches. He lives a life marked by faith. He is a student, prayer warrior, and a FRIEND!  I believe that the power of God on his life and his uncompromising message is what America needs. He will be a blessing to you through his preaching and writing. I wholeheartedly, and without reservation, recommend him to you!

Pastor Chris McGee
Bible Baptist Church
South Boston, Virginia

Pastor Mike Mutchler

I highly recommend Evangelist S.A. Scott. Grand View Baptist Church hosted him as our evangelist in early 2016, and our church was blessed, challenged, and encouraged. He also spoke to my church staff, and his message was well received. If you are looking for an evangelist who will edify your people and has wisdom to help you in ministry, then Bro. Scott is the person you are looking for.

I met Bro. Scott in a gathering of preachers in Texas. We got along right away. I noticed his gentle spirit, his listening instead of talking, and his questions he asked to get to know people. He was an evangelist; however, he didn't ask me for a meeting.

I thought to myself, “I like this guy!” I have come to call him a dear friend and have only good things to say about him. You will not regret the decision to have him speak in your church.

Pastor Mike Mutchler
Grand View Baptist Church
Beavercreek, Oregon
(503) 348-6090

William Turner

Bro. S. A. Scott has been a tremendous friend and blessing to me and our Church. His friendship is meaningful and lasting. He is a very humble man that will help God's people through his solid Bible preaching. Bro. Scott's books have helped me and our Church family immensely. His wife and children have servants hearts and are a great asset to his ministry. He has a heart for revival and still believes we serve a God that can.

Pastor William Turner, Jr.
Open Door Baptist Church
Lima, Ohio

Pastor Merideth Sears

Please allow me the opportunity to recommend my dear friend and evangelist, S.A. Scott to you and your church.  I have absolute confidence that he will be as much of a blessing to your church as he has been to Coastal Light Baptist Church.

It was only a few short years ago that I was first recommended to invite Bro. Scott to preach at our 5th annual Faith Promise Missions Conference.  I had two respected pastors give me their “stamp of approval” to him and his ministry.  That year began a blessed relationship between our church people and himself.  He quickly won the love and respect of our church family, and the Lord has used that bond to help grow our work and labour of love for the Saviour.  Over the last four years I have scheduled him for each of our yearly Missions Conferences, and I have him come at least one additional time each year for a revival.

Bro. Scott has a very real touch of God on his life and ministry.  This touch is evident by his unique preaching style, and is exhibited by his uncanny perception of the Holy Spirit’s leading.  Many times Bro. Scott has been able to sense God’s work in one of my church member’s lives long before I ever knew of their condition.  That has proved invaluable in the health of our church.  Simply put, his preaching and ministry has helped to strengthen us!

If you do choose to have Bro. Scott to your church, please know that he will love you, pray for you, help you, and he will become a friend to your ministry.

Pastor Merideth Sears
Coastal Light Baptist Church
Charleston, South Carolina
(843) 571-3545

Pastor Robb Foreman

I was very encouraged when Brother Scott asked me to write a recommendation letter for his ministry. You will not find a better man and family than the Shannon Scott family.

I can remember the first time Brother Scott came to our church to preach for us here at Home Line, the Lord knit our hearts together very quickly. It was at that point I felt like the Lord was leading me to ask him to come back to preach our first Mission’s Revival. I knew from that meeting he would be very careful to preach the whole counsel of God without hurting our very new congregation. Although we were a new church of less than two years at the time, we were averaging 80 to 100 in attendance.

It was that first connection and meeting that our people began to love Brother Shannon Scott. It was just a few weeks after Brother Scott had preached for us that we received news about our twenty year old daughter who had been killed in a tragic accident. Although I hadn’t known Brother Scott for very long, his level of concern and comfort was a big help and encouragement to me when we needed it most.
We did have the privilege of having Brother Scott back to speak for us in our first Mission’s Revival. We began the meeting on Sunday morning and ended it that following Wednesday. The results and response were huge for our new congregation. Please keep in mind, this is all new to many of our people. The outcome of the meeting allowed us to see commitments of over $7,000 per month come in. Might I also add, that almost one year later, we are seeing $7,500 plus per month come in for our missions giving. God is good!

We are looking forward to having Brother Scott and his family back with us again in a few months for our 2015 Mission’s Revival. We are so looking forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do again this year.

I truly recommend having Brother Scott and his family in for any meetings, revivals, conferences etc… you might have in the future. Your church will be blessed!

Pastor Robb Foreman
Home Line Baptist Church
Midland, Texas
(432) 695-6365

“And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.” (Ephesians 4:11-12)

Scriptures clearly reveal that our Father has given precious gifts to the church.  Among those gifts is the office of an evangelist. Perhaps “gift” is the best way to describe Brother Scott. One does not have to spend much time with him before you recognize how God has gifted him in many areas such as his preaching and teaching, writing, counseling, communication, and more. However, to know Bro Scott you will understand that he lives to be given to the pastor and the church, a true servant, and a true man of God! Through the years that I have pastored and served as a missionary, Bro Scott has not only been the best of friends but the best of help! If you are seeking a serious minded minster to assist your church in development within or without, I strongly recommend my friend. He will be among the most precious gifts your church would receive.


Marty Stalnaker
Church Planting Missionaries

Pastor Tom McConkey

It is with great joy that I speak to you a moment about Shannon Scott.  I can humbly say, that it would be a wonderful thing to have Shannon Scott as a friend.  Bro. Scott is a preacher of the Scripture, and his heart panteth after the souls of man. He lives and walks with his God, and it is evident in the way he lives.  As a pastor, I was helped by his teaching and preaching on living the life of faith, especially in the area of missions.  He was a true blessing to the folks in our church who were eager to listen.  He will challenge the people to stretch their faith, which will in turn, stretch their wallet toward foreign missions.  As a friend, he has been a "true" friend.  This friendship was defined when nothing could be gained to continue the friendship.  Bro. Scott will be a help to your people; but he will also be a friend to you, with nothing to be asked for in return.  Men like him are hard to find.  I would ask you to prayerfully talk to your Father about having Bro. Scott come and be a part of the work that God has called you to do.

Pastor Tom McConkey
Liberty Baptist Church
Yuma, Arizona